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natural signs and knowledge of god a new look at theistic - natural signs and knowledge of god a new look at theistic arguments c stephen evans on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers is there such a thing as natural knowledge of god, moral arguments for the existence of god stanford - 1 the goals of theistic arguments before attempting to explain and assess moral arguments for the existence of god it would be helpful to have some perspective on the goals of arguments for god s existence, 20 arguments for god s existence strange notions - 1 the argument from change 2 the argument from efficient causality 3 the argument from time and contingency 4 the argument from degrees of perfection, evidential problem of evil the internet encyclopedia of - the evidential problem of evil the evidential problem of evil is the problem of determining whether and if so to what extent the existence of evil or certain instances kinds quantities or distributions of evil constitutes evidence against the existence of god that is to say a being perfect in power knowledge and goodness, descartes epistemology stanford encyclopedia of philosophy - 1 conception of knowledge 1 1 analysis of knowledge famously descartes defines knowledge in terms of doubt while distinguishing rigorous knowledge scientia and lesser grades of conviction persuasio descartes writes, our idea of god thomas v morris thomas v morris - our idea of god thomas v morris thomas v morris on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers many people even within the ranks of devout religious believers have only the haziest conception of god, edward feser the divine intellect - second at least for thomists when attributing intellect knowledge etc both to god and to us we have to understand the relevant terms analogously rather than univocally, investigating the great sign of revelation 12 the christ - however nimal has a good point when we look at the book of revelation in its entirety it very briefly covers the past spends a little more time on what was john s present and then majors in on that which is to come, 600 atheism vs theism debates - i disagree about the tabash debate tabash never defended secular humanism as he was required to do while craig answered all of tabash s arguments and counterarguments against christianity in addition to critiquing secular humanism, wilson vs hitchens a catholic perspective called to - 193 comments leave a comment kenneth j howell may 9th 2009 4 09 pm thank you to bryan cross for that excellent treatment of reason natural law and fideism, logically disproving the christian god the atheist blog - i m an atheist but i ve always seen this kind of argument disproven by people who consider that god is gradually revealing the truth according to our own ever improving logical abilities, mormons are completely fucking retarded please god no - joseph smith was the only one of jesus disciples to get shot in the face with a gun of all religions i would have to say the mormonism is the most delusionally retarded, 11 things the bible bans but you do anyway monicks - first off where in the new testament does christ or any of his discipals say anything about homosexuality you chide the author of this post for illogical or unfair treatment but you say the new testament speaks on homosexuality and give us no example, rap blasphemy illuminati rapper kanye west mocks jesus - illuminati satanic rapper kanye west continued his blasphemy against jesus christ with his new album title yeezus an analysis, ssc endorses clinton johnson or stein slate star codex - if you want to focus on substance you can look at trump too trump doesn t just sound like he wants the moon on a silver platter he has a literally preposterous view of the world, how oxford and peter singer drove me the veritas forum - the veritas forum invites students and faculty to ask life s hardest questions with a commitment to courageous discourse we put the historic christian faith in dialogue with other beliefs and invite participants from all backgrounds to pursue truth together