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wario land 4 super mario wiki the mario encyclopedia - this article is about the game for the book of the same name see wario land 4 book wario land 4 known in japan as wario land advance y ki no otakara meaning wario land advance the treasure of the golden diva is a platform game released for the game boy advance in 2001 it was later re released for the nintendo 3ds system on, birdo super mario wiki the mario encyclopedia - birdo makes her first reappearance in the mario franchise since super mario bros 2 in wario s woods a puzzle game released for both the nes and the snes birdo serves as a primary heroine in the game as she assists toad and the sprite throughout the game the trio go up against wario as he sends out the monsters of wario s woods although birdo is not playable as she appears only in the top, princess peach mariowiki fandom powered by wikia - princess peach purinsesup chi also known as princess peach toadstool or just peach is the ruler of the mushroom kingdom she is the damsel in distress in most of the mario games she has a love for the color pink as almost all of her dresses have a shade of the color